Setting Up Homes

Seeking donations of household equipment, storing, arranging collection and delivery. Paying for wifi and TV licences in the first year. Canvassing the families, as to their needs. Ordering items. Help with clearing gardens. Getting grant moneys to improve security.

Dealing With ‘Officialdom’

Registration of babies, Identity cards for babies. Child Benefit application forms. Support with Universal Credit, PIP and Carers allowance applications. Liaison with the DWP and DUWC advice worker. Completing the census returns. Support with interaction with Home Office.

Leisure Activities

Organising regular social events and days out, especially during the school holidays. Welcome parties for new arrivals. Annual Picnic in Eyam for all the Syrians in Derbyshire! Visits to the Peak District. Applying for DCC Activity Grants to support this work, eg swimming lessons, climbing, and cycling.


Liaison with colleges and schools to support students and their parents. Regular support with learning to read for younger children. Regular tuition with English, Maths, Geography, Science homework with older pupils...


Flagging up training opportunities available for 16+. Introducing a person and seeing if it is suitable/appropriate. Getting funding for Hate Crime training and running workshops. Attendance at training for ‘sitting service’ 3 people have gone through.


Assistance with CV writing. Support with finding Volunteering opportunities. Looking for jobs and approaching Employers. Help with getting Food Hygiene Certification.


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